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Hey, I'm Bleys and I work for a company called FactO. In fact I own FactO. But I was not the founder. A German guy called Kod'n Vercad founded FactO.

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We are a non-profit company. Follow us at Vimeo.com/bleysrobertson. We were made for people who need books, new and everything else. We would be very happy if you gave us a like. If you have a formal complaint, email us at bleysrobertson2008@gmail.com or Bleys@vivaldi.net


Were Owned By Matter

Did you know that? We also own companies. Chipy Studios, ect. But we are happy to be owned by Matter. We're sure your happy out that!

Beating Retro Eye Studios

Jane said we did perfectly at making an all-coding website on Neocities. Cory says his website was better, but to be honest, it was not even a website. It had no inputs, and he says they are easy. They are, but they are a key part to good coding, so that leaves us wondering. And, IT WAS NOT EVEN MADE ON NEOCITIES!!!

Facto Network rises from the grave!


The Township Chronicles reports...

Facto Network is back from the grave. It was remade by Bleys Robertson, and is actually better than the old one. It includes a free group maker, a blog and a great forum!

Chipy Studios hits a high.


LinKigno News reports...

Chipy Studios breaks the 1,000 views barrier, and since Happy Inc and Noodle Man are not posting, it is possible that it may overtake them in views!!! "Chipy rules" says a fan.

Info Box App?


Info Box News reports...

Info Box has now got an app! You can check new info, news, games and much more. It comes with CODEINFO and Thatinfo. Owner of Info Box, Kod'n Vercad says "The app is very good, with fun for the kids, new for the adults... it has everything.

Wyco App


FactMania reports...

You can now get the Wyco Netz Deske "free" with the Biz plan. "It is a great offer, the biz plan. We made it for companies out there that need to get some "biz" done" says Bleys Robertson. We think it is a great idea! Try it today.

Know any news? Email us at bleysrobertson2008@gmail.com